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Bring it. The world needs you.

Your only job in life is to be who you’re here to be and do what only you can do.  

My work is to help you get there faster, easier and enjoying the ride.

The ones who know how to ride are the ones who will change the world.


We have three big questions to answer in life:

Who am I?  What am I here to do?  Who am I doing it with?


Without the answers, many of us feel stuck and frustrated with our lives.  We hold back our true gifts, struggle with how to get what we want and risk settling for less.


You have a gift to give that if not shared, is lost to the world forever.  That gift is YOU.


E X P L O R E   A L L   T H E   P O S S I B I L I T I E S.

We start by bringing everything you want into focus.  Who are you here to be?  What’s your purpose?  How do you want to feel everyday?  We fill in all the details and get ridiculously clear about why now is the time to make it real – and what it will cost you if you don’t.  Depending on what you want to create, we’ll build a powerful personal brand in one day by the sea or we’ll dive deep each week for 3 months to a year.  We are in the Imagination Age.  The ones who will succeed now are the ones who can imagine what’s possible and overcome the obstacles to get there. This is exactly what we will do.


Grow with great humans from anywhere in the world with One Woman Effect, The Bring it Group and The Luminaries.  Our core programs help you:

  1. Become your highest self
  2. Go get everything you’ve ever wanted
  3. Join other Luminaries and light the way for each other

Click the Grow and Listen tabs above to learn more.


We curate deep dive, full sensory experiences that elevate leaders in mind and heart so they can light the way for others.  Every gathering is designed to cause joy.  Each one a doorway to make time stop.  To check something off the bucket list you might not have even known existed. Consider them the antidote to stress, a way to create workplaces that solve the worlds biggest problems and a chance find your people. This includes Keynotes, Luminaries Experiences and our most exciting collaboration with Evryman, The Reunion.  Click the Speaking and Gather tabs above for more.

Our clients are lighting the way for a better world.  They are Leaders, Lovers, Visionaries.

They know what’s possible and they don’t want to wait for it anymore.

Bring it.  The world needs you.

Work with Cherie 1:1, in a Group Teleclass, at a Live Retreat or at your Business.

  Click on the Services tab above for more detail.

This is your invitation to live.

What to consider when hiring a Coach.


Just about anyone can call themselves a Coach these days. Get one who is well trained and held to an ethical code and high standards.


Coaching should be what she was born to do. It should be her dream job and she should LOVE helping others.


A great coach is always learning and will bring a fresh, new perspective to everything. Anything is possible. And she will never judge you.


Progress = Happiness. Get a coach who keeps you moving forward and hitting your goals.


The real deal coaches walk their talk. She should have great stories and show you what's possible.


This is a person who is going to know every detail about you, she should care deeply and make you feel profoundly seen and heard.


Rookie coaches think they need to be perfect. Get one who can laugh at herself. Someone who's real and celebrates being human.


Work with someone who has come far in life and can up your game with more than just tools and books.


Coaching should be one of the coolest, most thrilling things you do in your life. Work with someone who makes you laugh and inspires you to celebrate and enjoy the ride. #justsayin









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