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Surround yourself with great humans.

When you work with Cherie you’ll find a world of great humans who will help you get what you need and make the ride a whole lot easier.

If needed, we’ll connect you with designers, healers, teachers, collaborators and team so you don’t have to do it alone.

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Cherie Healey

Founder, Board Certified Coach, Possibilitarian

Bring it.  The world needs you.

Cherie helps people love, lead and light the way for a better world.  She is here to help you have the life you came here for.


She helps leaders create workplaces that solve the world’s biggest problems.  By centering wellbeing, connection and self awareness she creates the conditions for all to succeed.


Cherie has been the Resident Wellbeing Coach at YouTube, worked with women at Google for over 10 years, advised corporate leaders for 25 and she is a Women In Management Facilitator at Stanford Graduate School of Business.


Founder of The Luminaries, Cherie gives leaders and organizations the tools to become their highest selves, go after everything they’ve ever wanted and work together like never before.  


Her number one strategy is pure joy.  It’s the secret to our true potential in every area of life.   


Through 1:1 Coaching, Corporate Residency, The LIT Platform, Workshops, Speaking and Custom Designed Retreats, she lights the way at orgs like Google, X, Genentech, Nike, YouTube, Apple, GoDaddy, Fox Entertainment, I Heart Media, Paramount and more.

Board Certified Coach0%
Women's Leadership Coach at Google0%
Women In Management Facilitator at Stanford Graduate School 0%
Strategic Interventionist0%
25 Years Working With Corporate Leaders0%
Personal Brand Developer and Marketing Expert0%
Relationship Expert, Marriage Educator and Divorce Prevention0%
Degrees in Marketing and Communication0%
NLP Practitioner0%
Tantra Yoga Teacher0%
Trained in High Productivity, Speaking and Online Marketing0%

What do you want? We’re here to help you get it.