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Adios, 2017

Adios, 2017

This year.  Holy hell.  It was a rip the bandaid off, let go, wake up, give birth, buckle up, deep breath, open wide, kind of year.  It brought me to my knees, sent me on adventures and changed everything.

Every year on Dec 31 I put on some great music, light a fire and get under a blanket to review the year.  As we end one cycle, so we begin another, which means it’s important to complete and integrate the lessons of this year before going on to the new one.  It’s like clearing out the closet inside so you can start fresh with space for all things new.

Let’s do it together.

What I’m Grateful For
My Brother – he’s a miracle and a hero and I can’t wait to fly far away to the sea with him this year.
My Mom – she’s my everything, no words.
My Girl – we’ve never been closer and she’s the happiest I’ve ever seen her.
Grady – my puppy, he lived for 15 years protecting all of us and I feel him watching over us still.
My sister and all my sister friends – I’ve never felt so loved and connected to so many f*ing unicorns.
The men in my life – some deep healing happened when we almost lost my brother this year and a lifetime of hurt has somehow vanished from my heart.
The Luminaries – where my heart and mind will be this year.  This is the culmination of my life’s work so far and I’m deeply ready.
My business partner, Ting.  She is a magical creature and together we’re going to light up this planet.
My health – my theme for 2017 was “The Year of Joy and Wellness” and I got schooled on how to truly take care of myself.
All the open doors  – every time I asked, another door would fly open.  It’s a big reminder that anything is possible, you just have to remember to ask.

What I’m Ready To Let Go Of
Holding back – it’s no coincidence that my tagline is “Bring it. The world needs you.” I still let fear get the best of me, that’s why the picture above is wall sized and hanging in my bedroom.  This will be my bravest year yet.
Trying too hard – even though I restore people’s superpowers for a LIVING I still have trouble trusting my own.  I spend way too much time over-preparing and living in my head.  It’s time to surrender and trust what’s inside – more than ever before.
Not getting enough sleep – I know better but I continue to take advantage of the giant energy I have.  I am an early bird AND a night owl and that’s no bueno.  I just bought a new feather bed and I vow to be in it way more in 2018.
Reading 5 books at a time – I am going to FINISH a book before a start a new one.  Period.  End of story.  Haha.
Being hard on myself – Ok this one is a toughie, cause I’ve been doing it my whole life.  But I’m going to take on the mantra “Sorry I’m Not Sorry” like I invented it. They say as you get older you care less about what others think, I have to care less about what my own brain thinks.  No need to wait until I’m old and grey.

* TIP:  Burn these tonight in a New Year’s Eve fire.  LET. GO.

What I Want in 2018
My theme – I always set a theme with my clients.  It helps you make decisions ALL YEAR LONG.  It will literally change your life.  So this year my theme is… “The Bring It Year.”  Letting go of holding back is going to be everything.  No more editing myself on social media “will this be appropriate?” UGH.  The riskiest thing you can do, in this crazy world we live in, is PLAY SAFE.  The ones who rock what they got, the ones who are true to who they are and what they’re here to do, THEY are the ones who will lead us into a better world.  I sign up for that.

My core desired feelings – Danielle LaPorte changed my life with this one.  If you clearly intend on how you want to feel, like the theme, it will guide your every decision and the meaning behind every experience.  For example, this year was my year of Joy, so clearly that was one of my core desired feelings.  It turned out to be one of the hardest years of my life and brought tons of fear and sadness.  Was it a failure?  Not at all.  It led me to read the Book of Joy and the Dalai Lama taught me, that the hardest experiences in life are ESSENTIAL to developing our capacity to even FEEL JOY.  Without the dark, we cannot know the light.  I got schooled in joy this year.  So for 2018, here they are:

Highlight reel – As I build my 2018 plan, here’s what I know for sure.  I want:
To fall madly in love
To be the best Mom I can be to my minis
To eat lots of tacos
To travel to beautiful, mind-blowing places
To give everything I can to help others be who they’re here to be and do what they’re here to do, so together we can make this world a better place

Place your order with the Universe this year.  Stay in the driver’s seat.  It may feel like so much is out of our control, but we have more power than we know.  Going through this year-end process tunes you, sets your vibe straight, so that you can magnetize everything you want and need.  No muscle required.

With a deep bow and so much love, thank you for being in my life.
May this year bring you everything you could ever want.  Game on, 2018.


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