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What is going on?

What is going on?

I have been officially bulldozed.  I knew change was coming.  I wanted it.  Working like crazy to scale, automate and serve at a higher level, after almost ten years in business, that’s a no duh.

What I didn’t expect was the need for change on ALL fronts.  Inside, outside, in relationships, with my children; this year is asking for an end to all things that no longer serve.

I know I’m not alone.  So many of you have been talking with me about your own smackdowns and how tired you are.

I think we’re all aching to say NO a hell of a lot more.

Here are a few tips to help you get through the bulldozing:

Bulldozing always gives way to something more beautiful.  Think remodel.  You get to hang new lights and plant new flowers.  New can be scary or it can be thrilling.  You get to choose.  Focus on the freedom that the clearing out will create.  The people who do best in life are the ones who can handle uncertainty, the ones who aren’t afraid of change.  So let’s hold hands and eat change for breakfast. When you start anything new, call in the experts, design, map, make Pinterest boards; in short, DREAM. Don’t nightmare.

When you feel like freaking out, have a meeting.  Declare enough is enough and rally the troops.  The other morning I woke up horrified to find that I was the main character in Groundhog Day. Maybe turning 46 had something to do with it. But I suddenly realized my kids, 11 & 13, are wildly capable of doing more around here.  So I called a family meeting.  I had been simmering in a growing resentment, telling myself the story that “I do everything around here” and that is a recipe for disaster.  Resentment kills relationship. We had a meeting and it changed everything.  Sometimes we think the people we love should know how we feel, read our minds even, and that’s just too hard for everyone.  Call a meeting.  Be the Queen.  Tell them your vision and ask them to help you make it come true. Then celebrate your bad self.  Cause the truth is, employees, kids and lovers all want you to be happy.  I mean we did not come here to be the Queen of Resent.

Get yourself a crystal ball.  I am not kidding.  Sometimes there’s just too much uncertainty.  And before you go thinking woo woo, consider ancient truths.  We all love a little yoga right?  Well every Sage I’ve ever met, including my dearest teacher of all, teaches that a Seeker needs a compass, otherwise she’ll get lost.  This is not all on you, you know.  So consulting the cycles of the earth, a great Astrologer, Intuitive or a trusted Guide could be your saving grace.  You know who was the runaway hit at One Woman Effect LIVE in Sonoma last Fall?  Our Tarot reader, Katie Heflin.  All 48 women had a reading and she changed their lives. So open up.


Be the change, you little Gandhi.



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