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 The Bring It Group returns

January 2016

A Group Coaching Experience like no other, this is going to be

the 90 day ride of your life.


Meet some of our clients, the people who know how to Bring It like no other.

Jon Ritt, Partner, Big Sea

Cherie reminds you what you’re made of.  She speaks to me like my Higher Self.

Jill Hudson, Vice President, Fox Broadcasting

Cherie is quite possibly the best investment you could ever make.  She changed my life in every way.

Rani Hublou, Chief Marketing Officer, OneLogin

“I would have paid thousands in therapy for what you gave me in one call.”

Kat Dever, Business Mentor & Speaker

Working with Cherie has been game changing for me. She has a knack of knowing exactly what you really need – behind what you think you need.  She cuts to the quick so you can move forward and get results you desire.  Get Cherie on your A-team, you won’t look back.

Gina Grover, Partner, JP Morgan

Cherie has been a  guiding light since I began working with her.  She has provided me with invaluable insight into my professional and personal life, which often intermingle.  I am forever grateful for the infinite wisdom she bestowed upon me and consider her one of those people who really knows the difference between living fully and merely existing.  She not only talks the talk, but she walks the walk.

Are You Ready For The Year of Your Life?


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These clients know how to bring it.  After working 1:1 with Cherie they’ve launched businesses, fallen in love, made more money than they ever thought possible, healed the past, peacefully divorced, got promoted, travelled the world and faced fears that would blow your mind.


Until now the only way you could learn the tools and secrets Cherie teaches was to sign up for six months or a year to work with her privately.  One of the fastest and most potent ways to create change, this option is not always affordable for everyone.


We are beyond excited to announce

The Bring It Group,

launching January 26, 2015.

A Group Coaching Experience like no other, this is going to be

the 90 day ride of your life.



The Challenge

Have you ever felt so paralyzed because your dream was so big you got overwhelmed just thinking about it?  Or maybe you spend so much time on the hamster wheel that you’re too tired to dream.

Do you want that vision in your head to come true so badly but you secretly think that maybe you should settle?  Just collect the paycheck, lower the bar and join the ranks of normal?


My Story

I was there.  Imagine me, a little kid perpetually in a bathing suit with one side of my family telling me that anything is possible, “Dream big, little one” and the other side calling me naive, saying, “Life’s hard. Calm down.”  A life of Stop. Start.  Sure you can.  No you can’t.  Shine bright. Be quiet.


Truly crazy making. Little by little, I broke down.  Who was right?  The optimists or the pessimists?  One side of the family was in perpetual celebration mode, the other just complained.  Happy?  Unhappy?  When my sister and I would talk about what we wanted to do when we grew up, one side would say, “You’ll be amazing. Work hard and you can do anything.”  The other, “What are you insane?  What will that pay?  Get a real job.”


Little by little, you know what happened?  I became a perfect little people pleaser in pursuit of the practical, approved of, sure thing.  Intuition got replaced with doubt and I began to question every move I made.


Whatever celebration I used to swim in had dried up in the heat of the fighting going on in my head.  This went on for years.  I numbed out the doubting and questioning and compensated by being a workaholic, researching everything to death and seeking approval from others, doing whatever I could to earn success almost to prove the pessimists wrong.


Then I crashed.  Several hospital visits for exhaustion, pneumonia, bronchitis, sometimes all three, and I got mad.  I had put a happy, little smile on all this hard work, but it wasn’t a real smile.  I didn’t feel like myself and I hadn’t in a long, long time.  I felt like a big fake.


So I stepped up my quest to decide, once and for all, which camp I was in – the go-getters or the settlers.  I read every book in self-help, took every workshop on just about every topic, studied with scholars, sages and leaders in Personal Transformation.  I devoured the research, followed the Life Hackers and started accumulating credentials.


Then one day when I was about 35 I had a face off with God.  Fist in the air, I shouted, “When is it going to be enough?”  “When will I get to relax and just enjoy life again?”  Tears streamed down my face as I remembered that little kid who was born to celebrate.  Then I thought, “Oh my God, my Mom!  My Grandpa!” How it pained them to have watched me on this crazy hero’s journey trying to find the answers that I was born with!  I spent so long questioning, not listening to my heart, not using my natural talent, trying to be something I wasn’t.


Please don’t do what I did.


The answer I heard in the face off with God has never left me.  Ever.

I heard this: “You already have everything you need.  You always have.  You are more than enough.  Start celebrating again, honey.”


Shortly after that, I put myself on a self-help diet.  No more books, programs, workshops, teachers.  For five years, I listened to ME.


What emerged is that little girl, wrapped in a wise woman’s body.  Everything I studied in my entire life has found its place inside me – next to my power and my huge desire to help you get what YOU want.


I believe we are born with everything we need inside us – the talents, desires and freedom to do what we are here to do.  The only problem is we go through life collecting others’ opinions, fears and beliefs and we tend to fall off track.


Once you start following a path that’s not the one you wanted, it can be pretty hard to get off.


Enter The Bring It Group.


We’re on a mission to make the world a better place and have a damn good time doing it.


You are officially invited to join.  And you get to bring a guest for FREE.


They say it only takes one person who believes in you to change your life. You’re going to have a lot more than just one. And when we’re done, YOU will be that one person – for yourself – and that will be that.


To date, the only way to work with me has been through live events or privately. And there are three reasons why I decided to launch The Bring It Group this year.


  1. I have to help more people.  It’s just something that I know in my heart and now is the time.
  2. Many people wanted to work with me last year and couldn’t afford it.  I promised them I’d do this.
  3. People like us sometimes have a hard time finding people like us. There are plenty of people who want to take it easy in life and thank God for them. But the rest of us need each other. We drive ourselves pretty hard and we need each other to enjoy the ride and stay strong.


This Stuff Works


You can read all the cool things my clients have said about our work together. You can call me and ask for more. The results they get are one-part tools, one-part relentless pursuit and one-part magic. Something beyond words happens when we say, “Let’s do this”.  After all these years, I’m still in awe.


Here are a few stories.


One of my clients came to me years ago after her friends and family staged an intervention saying, “They told me I had to call you and they’re all so mad at me I said I would.”


She was a super power at work, wildly successful and married to an equally successful guy who happened to be lying and cheating for years. She lived in a fog, both of them married to their jobs and she was always sick. Her family had begged her to leave him but no one could get through.


Thankfully she stayed with our calls and in a few months, she moved out. Then she got promoted. Then she got a peaceful divorce. Then she met a man. He proposed on the beach. And they just got back from the Honeymoon.


Now we’re working on her new career. This will be the year she launches her own business.



Another client came to me to take his business to the next level. He had founded his own company and they were in the early stages, just a couple years in.

Not your typical coach, we started with “Why are you here?”

He asked, “On this call?” and I said, “No, on this planet.”

That started the whole thing.

He made more money in one month working with me than he did the whole year prior. He snapped into alignment with his reason for being alive. Then we healed his prior relationship – he hadn’t dated for over a year. He started getting business from ideal clients, doing his best work ever. Then he met his girl.

The man glows. I’ve never said that about a man, but it’s true.



Here’s another one.

This wonderful woman found me on Facebook. Super successful, business owner and Mom, taking care of her ailing Father just after her Mom died. Plate. Full. She called me the day she realized she wanted a divorce. No vision for what was to come, she sounded so sad and often cried through the session, just so tired. But I swear in just 3 months, this same woman told her dear kids about the divorce in the most brilliant, modern family way, calmed her soon to be Ex and had some of her best talks ever with him, fired clients that were draining, mapped out a new vision for her entire life and then promptly fell in love with the man of her dreams.



And another.

Another client has been blowing people’s minds at her job for over 10 years. She’s been promoted since we started and at the top she found some amazing truths. She found out what she’s made of and it made her declare this last year her “Year of Living Fearlessly”. I’m a big fan of themes for the month and year and this one was like no other. She signed up for daredevil stunts and adventures that would make your jaw drop. And then she faced her real fears. She hadn’t been in a relationship for 8 years when we first started and when we got her dating, she still had a lot of fear. This year she learned how to ask for what she needs, to cry and be vulnerable, to risk abandonment and not being enough for being real. She’s been loved well and she’s become herself. She is more fit than she’s ever been in her entire life. She’s been recruited by the competition at work and yet she builds a mentorship program in her current role – just to give back, because this woman is Love. And now, after several months in creation, she has launched her own freedom-based business model that allows her to be even more fearless.



And just one more. This one is about Me. I have survived my fair share of hell. I put myself through University. Paid off my loans. Lived in Italy, Vienna, Nantucket, Los Angeles and travelled all over the world on my own dime.  Was the first woman to run around the island of Nantucket, 54 miles barefoot.  I have an amazing, crazy, Irish family and I have the best friends a girl could have. I have two amazing little people that make me feel like the luckiest woman on the planet. I had the best divorce ever and am dear friends with my children’s Dad. I am a single, working Mom, living in a town I love and I get to be home for my children when they need me, work in my yoga clothes and change people’s lives every day. I am living my dream. I walk my talk and I will teach you everything I have learned so you don’t have to take as long as I did to get to where you want to be.



The Program


This is your year.  And I hope you think BIG.  When you go after your dreams, you cause a profound ripple inspiring others to do the same.  The joy and deep satisfaction you will experience when you go for what you want makes the world a place full of celebration.  It may seem selfish at first, but following your heart is the most selfless thing you can do and your greatest gift to the people who love you.


Here’s how we’re going to do it.


1.  After you sign up, you’ll be directed to a page where you can download your Registration Form. That information will define the ultimate curriculum.  I want to be sure that everyone in the Group gets exactly what they need and the class schedule may change slightly and dynamically to take the whole class to their ultimate goals.


2.  When you send that to me you’ll also let me know the name and number of the lucky person who gets to do the program with you for FREE. I want to be sure everyone has a friend or love to share the transformation with. Just imagine how powerful this will be because you have that special person in it with you. (You could also split the cost!  What a deal that would be!!!)


3.  Over the course of 90 days we’ll have 12 calls live as a group, every Monday night at 5:30pm Pacific Time. Recordings will be posted after the call for anyone who can’t make it. During the week, between calls, you’ll be taking action and your friend/partner will be helping you move forward if you need it.


4.  We’ll also have a Facebook Private Group page where I’ll be coaching you, answering questions and we’ll all be inspiring each other to overcome obstacles and make big progress.


5.  Everyone will get a 1 hr 1:1 Coaching Call with me after the program is over to be sure you have everything you need to make this your best year ever.


6.  IMPORTANT:  Please read the Refund Policy before signing up


Call Topics:


Subject to some dynamic variation depending on what the group needs.  This is just a glimpse into what you’ll get.  You’re going to be fire-hosed in the best way so that you move into your year and all your  years to come with the tools to be a true go-getter.  You’re getting 2015+ software for that wild mind of yours.  Get excited.

  1. Become a Possibilitarian. Overcome doubt and old fears that prevent you from being creative and innovative and asking for more.   The only way you’ll ever get what you want is if you fully believe it’s possible. If there is any doubt, you won’t follow through.
  2. Understand how to set goals that you will stop at nothing to get. Understand why NOW is the time and don’t look back.
  3. Find the door that opens all doors. Without this, everything you want in life will stay out of reach.
  4. Build an inspiring action plan that is doable and fun.
  5. Master Time. The number one reason people come to me for help is because they don’t have enough time and they have no idea what to do it about it. Change your whole relationship to time.  Learn how to manufacture time.
  6. Know who you are. Understand how to access your Higher Self and put her in charge of making this year happen – consistently.
  7. Own what you need and know what you want.  Needs and Desires are the secret sauce to your best Self.
  8. Change the Game. Decide how you want to show up in life. Who do you need to “be” in order to get the life of your dreams.
  9. Tap into your greatest fuel – your emotions.  Use them to get what you want.
  10. Become a Master Obstacle Remover. No more tolerating obstacles. We’ll take a hard look at anything that still stands in the way and walk right over it.  Take this practice with you for the rest of your life.
  11. Live the Good Life.  Redesign and upgrade your surroundings, daily schedule and rituals to support your plan.
  12. Everything you’ll need to stay on track.  Pitfalls to avoid and anticipating challenges. Declarations and Celebration Day.
 The Formula

The Formula

Become a Possibilitarian0%
Set Hot Goals that You WILL Reach0%
Open the Door That Opens All Other Doors0%
Build an Inspiring Action Plan That's Doable and Fun0%
Master Time. Never Say You Don't Have Enough Time Again.0%
Know Who You Are. Know Who's Boss.0%
Own What It Takes To Be Your Best Self0%
Change the Game. (Pivotal Class)0%
Master Your Emotions. The Make Or Break Factor.0%
Stop Tolerating Obstacles. The Alchemy Class.0%
Lifestyle Design. Living the Good Life.0%
Survival Skills to Stay on Track with your Best Year Yet. Declarations and Celebration Day0%

The Bring It Group Manifesto

*cherie_logo_FINAL(yellow) copy copy

We’re on a mission to make the world a better place and have a damn good time doing it.


We are the hungry ones, the ones who crave more. We want to experience, taste, know and adventure.


We will become who we are here to become.


We want to feel fully alive. We believe the best way to do that is to grow and give.


So we are here to grow – to stretch, experiment and learn.


We are here to find our people – to connect, support and inspire the best in each other.


We know that together we will go further and enjoy the ride so much more. We have dreams that must come true and we will stop at nothing to get them.


We know that the world needs us and we are ready to rise.


When we live our dreams we make the world a better place.


We are ready to step up. Ready to play. Ready to bring it.

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  • 3 Easy Payments

  • $397mo
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    • Mentor Who Believes In You
    • Tools & Strategies That Work
    • Like Minded Souls to Hold You Accountable
    • Facebook Community Page
    • Membership Site
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