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Luminaries in Training


Get the tools, connections and resources you need to keep changing your world for the better.

For people who know they have more to give and don’t want to do it alone.


If you can answer YES to any of these, you belong here.
  • You’re craving, longing for more
  • You want to know what your purpose is
  • You have visions of how life could be and just don’t know how to get there
  • You know what you want, but you don’t want to go for it alone
  • You keep wondering where your people are
  • You sometimes struggle with fear and doubt
  • You feel you haven’t quite reached your potential and are hungry to get there
  • You want to look back on your life and say you made the wold a better place
  • You feel an urgency to make a difference or leave an impact
  • You sometimes have imposter syndrome
  • You feel like life is short and you don’t want to waste another moment
  • You know the love of your life is out there and you’re ready for them
  • Life has been hard and you’re ready for that to change
  • You want to know your purpose and live it fully
  • You’re ready to live the dream
  • You want to become love, know freedom and spread joy

We are at a crossroads. We are facing countless global crises and unprecedented isolation and stress. We have a choice.


Do we continue on as we were? Or do we take this – the moment of a lifetime – as a chance to create a new and better world – together?


We created LIT to be a lighthouse for like-minded souls to help each other to create the lives we came here for and to share wisdom and resources so we can solve the world’s big problems.  

  • WHO

    Luminaries are people who have a gift to give the world. We are all Luminaries. LIT is for Leaders, Lovers and Joy Seekers. Rule Breakers, Revolutionaries, Givers and Entrepreneurs. It's for anyone who is ready to have a more meaningful life and a greater impact on the world.

  • HOW

    We curate community, programs and resources to open every door in your life. Centering self awareness, wellbeing and connection, we gather on the Mighty Networks platform to learn from and support each other. Our flagship course, TOGETHER, launches March 1, 2021.

  • WHY

    We need each other now, more than ever. The world is divided in darkness and fear. We know a new and better world is possible and we have to make it happen together. The time for change is now - and it will be a hell of a lot easier and way more fun, holding hands.



Where it all begins.

This program is years in the making, created by a brother and a sister of many lifetimes.  Dan Doty and I have a wild passion for life and love. That fire led us to ashrams and monasteries, forests and deserts to study at the feet of great teachers.


We carry so many gifts from them and we know you do too.  So we have this crazy idea, that if we get together to share, we might just have the time of our lives AND save the world.


We want to sit at each other’s feet in this virtual retreat, to get real and honest and encourage each other on.  Dan and I coach great humans and we think it’s high time you all meet each other.  Let’s light this place up, overcome any fear or doubt and get out there and live!  Dan says it the best, “After a year of being kept inside, this is for you if your energy and love and passion is ready to break through like a dandelion busting through a shitty sidewalk.”


We will be hosting IG Lives and Zooms to share stories and give you all the details.  Click the button below on February 4 as we open the doors to learn more and get registered.  If you have any questions, our miracle worker, Juli Rose is here to help.

How it works


Sign up on Mighty Networks. Fill out a profile and explore topic threads, join circles of common interest and remember, we're in this together.


Meet like-minded souls who are craving community and want to help each other realize the dream. Get recharged by Virtual Campfires, Guest Teachers and Good Talks with people who will remind you what you're made of.


Take courses that will dive deep into Self, Work and Relationships with ancient practices and tools to light up your world. We begin March 1 with our first course, TOGETHER.

Your Guides

Cherie 2018 web

I'm here to help you have the life you came here for. Working with leaders and organizations for 25 years, I'll share the tools to become your highest selves, go after everything you've ever wanted and work together like never before.

Our number one strategy is pure joy. It’s the secret to our true potential in every area of life.

Cherie Healey

Possibilitarian, Founder, Board Certified Coach
Dan web

I’ve been at the forefront of a global men’s movement and I’m committed to practicing and sharing work that brings our wildness and our love out into the open.

I’ve spent thousands of days in the wilderness and logged 15,000 hours with men in transformational settings. I guide men, leaders, and organizations to feel and express the entirety of their potential.

More at

Dan Doty

Men's Coach, Evryman Co-Founder, Writer
juli web2

I support leaders with purposeful businesses to create integral
systems and meaningful relationships for their gifts and visions to thrive. I am a connection weaver and (re)creating the culture of connection is my purpose in life.

I have degrees in Ecosystem Management and Integrative Ecosocial Design with a Focus on Community Building, Group Process and Facilitation.

Juli Rose

Leadership Facilitator, Community Expander
Learn more about LIT and our first course, TOGETHER