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Master the Work-Life Balancing Act

Master the Work-Life Balancing Act

3 Habits That Help You Be Well to Do Well

Here’s another article I wrote for the game changers at Workboard. Use these tips to get back into alignment and up your game.


After executive coach and guest velocity guru Cherie Healey’s first article, we got lots of requests for more! So we’ve invited Cherie back for more guidance on building Brand YOU — ways to move beyond obstacles, build your personal brand, and harness your full leadership potential. We hope you enjoy this third of five Brand YOU articles.

Great leaders are givers—but in an effort to give more, do more and be more, many put their own needs on the back burner. They make health a variable, sacrifice presence in relationships and put off the things that put energy in. We’ve all experienced the horrible fallout of this choice and intellectually understand we shouldn’t make it. Yet we continue.

1. See self-care as a business strategy
It’s time to start seeing self-care and healthy relationships as a business strategy. How will you lead by example if you’re running on empty? You have to take charge of your needs before taking charge of a team. The more you give yourself, the more you can give to others. Operate from a sense of wellness and abundance and you’ll enjoy more abundant business results. This week, get 8 hours of sleep and find the time to exercise—even if it’s stretching and a walk—at least twice.

2. Take time to recharge
When you take an evening to connect with your family—with NO phone in the vicinity—or when you take a morning to get sweaty, link that time directly to results at work. Taking time to recharge isn’t selfish, and it doesn’t make you weak. It’s just smart. Book a solo trip for 2 days to do something on your bucket list, something that makes you feel alive. When you get back you’ll immediately notice your heightened presence and creativity. Some celebrity leaders who run global organizations are unavailable at peak times for this very reason. Make it your secret sauce just like they do.

3. Fatigue reduces leadership skill
We all know this: our skills as leaders are low when we’re exhausted or run down. You may even find that the behaviors you regret the most are likely to occur when you’re just worn out! Leadership requires devotion, but that in and of itself is a balancing act. Don’t become so consumed by your duties to others that you forget your duties to yourself. Fatigue can catch up quicker than you realize. Maintaining your work-life balance lets you be the best you can be in both spheres.

Become a great leader today. Fill your tank, get what you need, and change the world (in that order). And hey, Workboard can carry the details around for you so you have the headroom to think big! Waste no time tracking delegated tasks and keep the team goal-aligned with Workboard to take some of the labor out of leadership.

Cherie Healey, velocity guru for Workboard, Game Changer and Leadership Coach, learn more @ Tapped In Leader

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