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Tap in.  Turn on.  For Good.

Your best game is inside.


After 20 years of working with Corporate Leaders and Entrepreneurs, one thing has become supremely clear:


Alignment + Pleasure is the secret sauce for our best work.




We all understand the power of regular visits to the chiropractor or a skilled yoga teacher to keep our bodies clear and in proper alignment. It keeps us out of pain and allows us to stay in flow. Imagine if you were able to put yourself into alignment whenever you felt off your game or out of the zone.


That’s what I teach. A powerful set of Alignment Principles that will become your formula for ultimate success. It gives you lifetime access to your greatest game. When you get in true Alignment you channel a wellspring of never-ending energy and genius.




We spend most of our lives at work. So we better damn well enjoy it. Work should be a thrill – something you want to come home and tell your family about – make you want to call a friend on the drive home and say something like, “You are not going to believe what I did today.”


The truth is people who are having fun do great work. This is not to say that every day is a cakewalk, but that you genuinely enjoy what you do. We’ve heard all the clichés about “do what you love” and somehow we still don’t believe it enough to go after it.


S E C R E T  S A U C E


No one wants to feel like they’re wasting time or not doing something meaningful. Everyone has the power to do work that makes them feel like they’ve made a mark, contributed in some way. When you’re aligned with what you do and you enjoy doing it, you change the world. You could be a garbage collector in Italy and you radiate gratitude wherever you go. You show other people, they can be happy and make a difference too.


There are two people who will tell you if you’re doing great work:

  1. The kid you once were
  2. The 90 year old you’re going to become


When you were a kid were you looking forward to a life like you have now? Would that kid be proud of you?
Is your 90-year old self already telling stories about your adventures? Will there be any regrets?


B R A N D  Y O U

I believe we are all born with unique talents and desires – some call original medicine – that if not shared, are lost to the world forever. 99% of us knew what we were here to do when we were kids. Then people started telling us to be practical, to get the solid paycheck and so we began to doubt.


We will go through a thrilling process of discovering what your ultimate purpose is and then we’ll package it up and build your Personal Brand so you can own your story and others can appreciate your value like never before.  This is one of the most fun parts of our work together and I wish everyone, in business or not, could go through this.


You are wildly free. It’s my job to show you what’s possible.
If you’re holding back in your current job, let’s find out why. If you’re one of the lucky ones, living the dream, let’s amp it up.


I have a high bar. So should you.

The world needs everything you’ve got.


    This is your best game. Most will leave it on the table.


    People who are having fun do great work. You choose.


    The Leader who will not only succeed, but change the world.
    You have it in you.


    What makes you stand out in a crowd is self-awareness. Know who you are and share it with the world.
    You are your own Brand.

The Best Solution For Your Work

Expect Results.


    • We use tools and strategies that work
    • Vision and purpose define a clear action plan
    • Master high productivity skills
    • Follow through is inevitable
    • Results/outcomes drive every call


    • All work is done over the phone/skype
    • Regularly scheduled each week
    • Fast growth breakthrough days in person
    • Forward motion, progress-oriented
    • Access to virtual team as needed


    • Fresh, innovative approach to Leadership
    • Tapping your best game
    • Learn the skills required to level up
    • Understand how Alignment opens every door
    • Step up, step out, launch your own business


    • This work will affect every area of your life
    • You will become the person you are here to become
    • High Potentials, Leaders, Entrepreneurs and anyone ready to bring their best game will get what they need
    • Become someone others want to follow