Cherie Healey * Possibilitarian | Love
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There are really two reasons why we’re here in life:

To love and to have a damn good time.


Remember that awesome Love 101 class you had back in 7th grade? Yeah me neither.


If you’re single or married, divorced or on the fence, you have a blueprint for what kind of relationship you want to have. You deserve to get it. So many of us are unsatisfied because we don’t know how.


It’s time to stop thinking it’s not possible or that you’ll have to settle or tolerate anything less than your true desire.


I stand for the epic love affair.

I bet you do too.

There are skills and strategies that will get you just that.

It’s the stuff we should have learned in school.


Cherie brings 20+ years of relationship study.  A Marriage Educator and Divorce Prevention Expert, she’s trained in Gender Differences, Masculine and Feminine energy and Tantra Yoga.  She will short circuit your learning curve and teach you how to be a lover who will bring out the best in the people you adore.

You will be mind blown and heart melted and it will affect every area of your life.

Come with a desire to give and I will teach you everything I know.

  • 01 VISION

    Define your shared vision for the relationship.


    Be your Highest Self in relationship.

  • 03 Needs

    The foundation of a lasting relationship. Make it your #1 job to meet each others' needs.


    Understand the true power of words. Connect deeply, avoid conflict and be truly seen and heard.

  • 05 PASSION

    The Epic Love Affair. It's real. If you were doing what you did in the beginning, there would be no end.

What Makes This Work So Powerful

A Little Taste Of What’s To Come

  • Powerful Tools

    • Where you come when you think you’ve tried everything
    • Make the complicated simple
    • Communication 901
    • Break ruts and old habits
    • The stuff you should have learned in school

  • Epic Love Affair

    • Raise the bar and keep it there
    • If you were doing what you did in the beginning there would be no end
    • Generosity and kindness – the game changers
    • Clear vision
    • Alignment within and together

  • Something for Everyone

    • These tools are for everyone – whoever you love and wherever you live
    • All our work is done over the phone
    • Learn to be a better lover in your jammies at home
    • Couples’ calls and 1:1
    • Singles wanting to fall in love
    • Couples wanting a peaceful divorce

  • Masculine and Feminine

    • Balance = power
    • Understand gender differences
    • Understand energy differences
    • Know how to tap them and turn them on at will
    • Create massive polarity for lasting love