Cherie Healey * Possibilitarian | Men
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I will help you win in every area of your life.


The men I work with are so amazing; I want to multiply them by the thousands because the world needs them. They are open-minded, giving, hilarious and powerful. Their stories would blow your mind and you’d probably see yourself in them. They’re warriors. When was the last time you felt like a warrior?


So many of you are working so hard. You’re rock star protectors and providers. You fix problems in your sleep and you’d do anything for someone you love. But you want something.


Every man comes to me with a craving. They say life is good, they’re proud of what they’ve built but they know there is more. For some, they’re stuck in a corporate job that doesn’t feel right anymore. Some have it all; they’re just missing someone to share it with. Many have built their own businesses and want to take them to the next level. Others are about to lose their marriage.


They all want to become the man they are here to become. To climb to the top of who they are and see what’s possible. Could I make more in this one month than I did all last year? Can I make my partner happy? Will my plan really work?


What we will do together is somewhat beyond words.

I will show you what you’re made of.


Come ready to bring it.

Ready to play fully.

We need you out there.

  • 01 VISION

    Your Vision is everything. Get clear and make it real.


    Your secret sauce. Get in Alignment and know what you're made of. This is how you get what you want. This is how you change the world.

  • 03 LEARN

    Get the tools you wish you had a long time ago. Prevent regret. Make her happy. Overcome obstacles. Get what you want.

  • 04 RESULTS

    Watch the results and get high on momentum. Start to believe anything is possible. We coach for results. Period.

  • 05 PLAN

    Be a man with a plan. Know exactly what needs to be done, how and when.

What Makes This Work So Powerful

A Little Taste of What’s To Come.


    • We don’t just sit around a talk
    • Solve problems with proven tools
    • Make the complicated simple
    • Sessions happen same time each week
    • You set the goals, we meet them
    • Progress = happiness


    • Bring It all
    • Every area of your life will improve
    • Tap into your best game
    • Get skills you wish you got in school
    • Remove obstacles for good


    • Solve lingering problems once and for all
    • Understand women
    • Communicate and be heard and respected
    • Become a high performer
    • Create the lifestyle you’ve always wanted

  • WISE

    • A coach ups your game and your income
    • This investment will pay for itself
    • Includes skills for your whole life
    • Your growth will touch everyone around you
    • You will make an impact
    • And you will make the world a better place