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It’s time to rise up.

“The world will be healed by the Western woman.”

Dalai Lama


We are being called. It’s time to rise up.   The world needs you. Now.


Many of us have heard the call and yet still have so many demands on our time and energy that we can’t figure out how to answer it. We’re juggling work, love and family with a deep longing for more.


Fears and time have gotten in the way, but no more. There is a way.

You know you are here for something meaningful and whether or not you know what it is, the call will only get louder until you answer it.


Purpose – you are more than all the roles you play. Know why you are here.

Alignment – know how to access your Higher Self and stay in the flow all the time. That’s where your power lies and it will affect every area of your life. Never get depleted or overwhelmed again.

Power – the balance of your masculine and feminine is what the world so desperately needs. This work will have you access your magic. Plain and simple.


Whatever it is you want, you have it in you to get it.

If not for yourself, do it for the people you love.  We are so good at putting everyone else first.  Doing this work will make you a better giver – one who never gets depleted  and radiates joy.

The greatest gift you will give to the people you love and the world is your own happiness.  All it takes is one woman who feels good in her skin to change the world.  You are ONE WOMAN.  Let’s light up the world together.

  • 01 VISION

    Know what you want. It is your gift to the world.


    Know how to access your Higher Self and stay in the flow all the time. Never get depleted or overwhelmed again.

  • 03 PURPOSE

    You are more than all the roles you play. Know why you are here.

  • 04 PACE

    Own your Soul Pace - the way you uniquely need to move in the world to have the most impact.

  • 05 POWER

    It's time to step up, use your voice and lead as the most powerful, loving Queen that you are.

What Makes This Work So Powerful

A little taste of what’s to come.


    • Be fully seen and heard
    • Without judgement
    • Tap vulnerable feminine power
    • Build connection with your intuition and Higher Self
    • Feel deeply supported.  I have your back.


    • The whole point is to enjoy the ride
    • This is not therapy
    • Homework redefined
    • Up the ante for pleasure
    • Desire more


    • Don’t change, become more YOU
    • Own your purpose, your reason for being
    • Amplify your soul
    • Become better at everything
    • Lose old habits, beliefs and fears

  • Hot Goals and a Weekly Plan

    • Be a woman with a plan
    • Get back on track and stay there
    • Master time
    • Stay focused
    • Get what you want.  Period.