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Self.  Relationships. Work.

Let’s get the life you came here for.

You have one purpose in life:

To be you.

Who are you?
What are you here for?

My job is to help you answer these big questions so you can have everything you want in life, love and work.

Bring it. The world needs you.

You have a gift to give that if not shared is lost to the world forever.

That gift is YOU.

If you let anything stand in y our way, we all lose.

Become you.  Do what only you can do.  Do it with great humans.

And together we’ll light up this planet.

The world needs Leaders who will still believe in joy, love and freedom. Get it for yourself and you’ll show the world what’s possible.

Be the Luminary you came here to be and we’ll have the time of our lives creating the world we came here for.

Here’s how.

Explore the options and then hit the contact page to schedule a Possibility Call.

We’ll figure out exactly what you need to get to where you want to be.


SELF | Joy Seekers

Become the person you’re here to be.

Apply for Private Coaching or join LIT, our online campfire led by Cherie and Men’s Coach, Dan Doty


WORK | Leaders

Do what you’re here to do.

Apply for Private Coaching, join LIT or Reunion (coming soon), let us curate Workshops, Retreats and Speaking for your organization or bring Cherie in for Residency to recharge and re-engage the team.



Hold hands. Do it together.

Apply for Private or Couples Coaching, join LIT or Reunion (coming soon) and get ready for Wilderness and Spa Retreats later in 2021

 The Secret Sauce.

Self Awareness



Cherie is a magic woman at a time when we need magic. She has a deep talent for helping you get to your biggest answers. Lisa Silverman Meyers, Metropolitan Museum of Art