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I work with companies who are here to change the world.

If you want to change the world, you must shift leaders,

work on their inner world, cultivate their awareness,

cause their awakening.

Awakened people are the innovators, creatives and leaders the world needs right now.  The smartest businesses conspire for greatness by helping their people become the people they are here to be.  They help them find what they were put on this planet to do and then let them do it.


I’m a Possibilitarian and the essence of my work is, “Bring it.  The world needs you.”  That means, when we fully bring our best self and our unique talents, anything is possible.


When your people reach their own possibilities, anything is possible for your organization … and for the world.


Workshops & Retreats

Beyond your typical leadership/team building workshop, we create an “experience” for lasting change.  New and engaging concepts lead to partner and group activities that help participants really grow and have a great time doing it.

The pillars for every experience are:

  1. Inspiring
  2. Freeing
  3. Fun
  4. Game-changing


We run workshops and retreats for big clients like Google and Genentech and small startups too.  My sweet spot is high tech because I’m on a mission to empower the heart and humanity of the world’s most influential industry.


High tech has the power to light the way to a whole new world – one that helps people become who they’re here to be and fulfill their greatest purpose, without the stress and pressure that is effecting our health, our children and our planet.


High tech culture has already shown us how to innovate and create beyond our wildest imagination, they’ve shown us what’s possible when you give people great culture and a fun place to work.  Now it’s time to show the world what can happen when you help a genius intellectual tap into the power of their heart and use their work as a way to become a greater human.


Can you imagine the products and services they would create?  Can you imagine how that would affect our kids?


Our events help leaders become their highest, best selves. They return like torches, igniting everyone they touch with new hope and empowered vision.  Simply put, they light the fire of the organization.


Topics include:

  • High Performance
  • Cultivating personal brand
  • Team building
  • Writing company manifestos
  • Planning for mind-blowing personal and professional lives
  • Nurturing your inner leader
  • Understanding how to be the Torchbearers of the New Era


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Want to Bring It at your organization?  Give us a call.  650/384/6108