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I’m a Possibilitarian. Every talk, podcast, workshop and retreat is infused with the possibility for more in life, love and work.

Explore a sampling of topics and a gallery of past events here.  Click the podcast tab in the menu to hear some of my favorite talks.




Spark Talks





Wellbeing | High Performance | Balance
Self Awareness | Personal Brand | Leadership
Relationships | Team Building | Belonging
Communication | Vision | Mission | Story
Women’s Empowerment | Allyship | Joy


S P E A K I N G  H I G H L I G H T S


Lecture Series at Stanford Graduate School of Business on Earning Allyship

Year Long Residency as YouTube Wellbeing Coach to Mental Health and Wellbeing Team with monthly retreats and weekly curriculum

15 Month Residency at Google empowering 850 global women with monthly training

3 Month Residency at Google empowering women with weekly curriculum culminating in a 3 day retreat

Summit Speaker for YouTube Marketing Retreat alongside Brian Stevenson

Two Annual 3 day Leadership Offsites for Genentech Management + Development Leaders

Key Speaker/Leader of Women’s Summit at Google for 550 global women and 55 of their allies

10+ Day Long Intensives on campus for Google Leaders


I create and custom design every event for my clients.

Every gathering, whether online or in person, is carefully designed to inspire and engage with multimedia, stories and experiential learning.  

Participants always walk away with handouts, cheat sheets and practical tools to help them move forward and put what they’ve learned to use.


Wellbeing and Connection are more important than ever.  

We miss being together so very much, but we’re doing amazing things online and would love to help you work together and lead like never before.



Contact us at to explore all the possibilities.

Keynote for Women in Revenue: The Power of Wellbeing at Work

Why Cultures of Belonging and Wellbeing are so critical.