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Tap in

Tap in

There’s just not enough time in the day, right?
You don’t have time to do the things you love
because you have to work, right?

W R O N G.

If you continue to put off the things that bring you alive,
the very time-stopping activities that turn you on, then
you’re leaving your biggest game on the table.

They’ll never see your genius.
They’ll never know what you’re truly made of.

Dust off the surfboard = business strategy
Get your hair done = business strategy
Play ball with your son = business strategy
Get sweaty on that soul cycle = business strategy
White space to stare out the window and think = business strategy

Don’t buy it?
I dare you to try it for one week.
Then measure your results.

Tie each hour of soul-filling activity to more creativity, enhanced productivity, big energy, better communication etc…etc…

It’s time to tap in.

The world needs you.

That’s just all there is to it.

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