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What’s happening to our world?

What’s happening to our world?

Most everyone I know is swimming in a sea of negativity, confusion and anger right now. Our newsfeeds are overflowing with conflict and horror stories from Brock Turner, Trump and rape culture to Syria, Haiti and the Dakota Pipeline to the countless Black Lives lost and the overwhelming truth that is Global Warming. And that’s just a highlight reel.

It seems as though we’re in the midst of the Apocalypse. And we are; just not the kind you might have been expecting. Stay¬†with me on this. We are in the middle of one of the greatest awakenings in all of history; something that makes the Renaissance Era look like kindergarten. This is a rebirth of mass proportions and so wildly needed.¬†

It was predicted thousands of years ago by the great scientists of consciousness, by the Mayans and countless sages. We are coming out of the age of darkness and entering the age of truth. In other words, we’ve entered a new era and the destruction and chaos all around us is an attempt to adjust, recalibrate and catch up to what the universe is now asking for: a massive rise in consciousness.

Most people don’t like change and they are the ones who will struggle the most. We are in the midst of a death rattle. Those who want to stay in the old paradigm are fighting for their old ways. They are drowning in fear and blame. It is vital that we see this for what it is and work to build a global community that goes high when they go low.

For those of you who know we are better than this
For those of you who have heard the call to make change
For those of you who live in the world of possibility
Listen closely
Focus on the future that is so near
Focus on what we are here to create
Focus on your power to wake. this. world.

It is painful beyond words to watch the destruction and the ignorance all around us, but it is up to us to stay focused on building the new. Revolution Dynamics suggest that when you build something that is wildly better than the old, the old will simply atrophy. We can “fight” and be activists by channeling our impatience and anger into creating communities of like minded souls who are amplifying good, innovating connection and making the dream real.

Remember, “I have a dream”? It’s time.
We’re here.

This shake down is causing us to air ALL our dirty laundry. We’re taking a big, hard look at all of it. I wish I could say it’s only going to last a short time. I don’t know how long it’s going to take. But we’re going to f*ing clean it up and I for one, am going to be damn proud that I was a revolutionary, that I ushered in a new era for my children and their children.

Do it with me.

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