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Your Heart is the Center of the Universe

Your Heart is the Center of the Universe

I’m writing this morning from Nevada City where I’ve been spending the weekend with Matt Kahn, one of our world’s very special spiritual teachers. I have to tell you what he said yesterday because it is potent and so very needed by all women…especially Mothers.

“Your heart is the center of the Universe. Whatever you give yourself, you give the world.”  He said that whatever love you direct towards you, being thoughtful and deeply respectful of yourself, is felt by all. Quite literally.  He went on to say that positive energy is so light that it can travel far and wide and that when we fill our own hearts, love our own bodies, speak kindly to our selves, think about what we need, wash our hands with the warmest of water – slowly, like a spa treatment, that we are literally showering the world with love.

Can you believe?

While we all know that our self care is important, that we can’t take care of others when we’re running on empty, I understand it on a whole new level now.

We are all the mothers of the world.   That is your gift and your blessing.  And if you choose to accept it, it starts with loving yourself like you never have before.  Every time you are thoughtful of your own needs, every time you treat yourself the way you treat your dearest friends, you become the source of love and light for all beings.

Every time you say “No, that wouldn’t be good for me.”  You turn on more light in others.  Then “You stop empathing the world and the world starts empathing you.”

I for one have spent my entire life being hard on me in a way I never would treat another living soul.  The internal beat downs, deprivation and back burnering is coming to a screeching halt.  I now see more clearly than ever that while it’s wonderful to take care of others, if I don’t do it for myself, I am missing the whole point and frankly giving away all of my power to do anything good in this world.

So with the deepest love and all the respect in the world, have the best Mother’s Day.  And if you don’t have little beings of your own, this is still for you – every one of us has a mother inside who nurtures and loves like no other.  Be a Mama to yourself on this day, and everyday.

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