Imposter Syndrome

Imposter Syndrome

If you have been doubting yourself lately, you are not alone.  Everyone seems to be suffering some sort of imposter syndrome – only intensified by all the uncertainty COVID has created. Let’s shine a little light on this.

Our minds are wired to think and doubt. Even an enlightened being still thinks and doubts. The trouble kicks in when we believe in everything our mind tells us.

When I was 28 I lived in an ashram with my Guru.  I wanted to be free like her more than anything in the world.  She looked at me one day and said, “I am no different than you.”  To which, of course, I was like, “Lady, that couldn’t be further from the truth.” 😂  But she went on to say, “I think and doubt just like you.  The only difference is, I no longer identify with my thoughts.”

That’s the practice, right there. You can only fall prey to imposter syndrome when you identify with your thoughts and doubts – and forget who you truly are.  You are more than your achievements, more than your titles and roles.  You are love on legs, freedom in a human body, joy and wisdom and unlimited potential all wrapped up in the perfect package that is YOU.  Our to-do lists and mad modern pace make it so easy to forget this.

So next time you want to slap the imposter label on yourself, put your hand on your heart, slow down and let yourself be breathed.  You’ll remember.  Then tell yourself you’re nailing being human.  

Here are some great ways to stay in the remembering.

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