Joy for Free

Joy for Free

How to find Joy even in the darkest of times.

A 7-part series to stoke joy in every area of your life.

This series is a gift to help you strengthen your heart, mind and immune system during these wild days.  I hope it helps you feel safe and loved, healthy and strong.     



Each call will guide you through a meditation into practical tools to find joy in the most important parts of your life.  Listen to one each day, via our very cool text app or dive in Netflix style. and listen to all of them in one day.  No matter how you use them, I hope you feel my love pouring through and that they settle your nervous system and help you navigate a little easier.  

The true definition of happiness is finding joy even in the darkest of times.  In fact, we can’t know joy without it.  So love your people.  Take this time to slow down and let’s just pray that we are emerging into a much brighter, kinder world.